Become a bus driver

Become a bus driver

Being a bus driver is a nice job to do on a daily basis. Therefore, there are many people who perform this profession. However, the profession is a bit undervalued. This makes that there is a small shortage of bus drivers. Becoming a bus driver can however be a lot of fun to do. 

Requirements for a bus driver

If you want to become a bus driver, you first need a number of things. For example, you need a B and D driver's license, a driver's certificate, a medical certificate and a psychological test that you are able to handle the stress of public transport. 

This is quite a list of things you need before you can start working as a bus driver. However, this is very important to take care of. This way public transport can be accessible and safe for everyone. 

What does a bus driver do?

A bus driver is a person who drives a bus that transports people. This type of bus includes public transport buses, but also city buses, regional buses and coaches of a travel organization. The driver of a coach is also called a touring coach driver. 

The bus driver is responsible for everything related to driving the bus. For example, they are responsible for the time and the safe and comfortable transportation of the passengers. With a coach, they are often also responsible for entertaining the passengers. 

A bus driver can be found in a number of vehicles. You will find them in line buses of the public transport, school buses, buses for disabled people and coaches. 

A bus driver, of course, has to drive and maintain their vehicle. However, there are still a number of things they need to do. Dealing with people is also very important for one to be good at. For example, the driver of a scheduled bus must also check the tickets of passengers who want to get in. They are also responsible for the order in the bus and the opening and closing of the doors. 

As a bus driver, you may also have to deal with aggressive people. You need to approach these people in a certain way so that the situation does not escalate. The bus driver also has to know how to respond to accidents. These types of situations make the job of bus driver quite tough and it is not without risks. As a bus driver, you must be able to stand firmly on your feet, deal well with people and make quick, sensible decisions. 

When you drive on line buses for a city or a municipality, you often drive fixed shifts. This means that you drive the same line the whole day. However, you can also work as a substitute or flexpool. In this case you work alternating shifts. 


When you want to become a bus driver, it is nice to know your salary. A starter earns about 1700 euros per month. As an experienced person, this can rise to a maximum of 2821 euros per month. The minimum you can earn as a bus driver is 1663 euros per month. 

Over the earnings that you would earn as a bus driver in the month, there are often also a number of supplements. For example, you will receive an allowance for working irregular hours and holiday pay. 


You have a very high chance of getting a job if you have completed a training course. There are many companies who are looking for a driver who can start working for them. Also, in public transport there is always a chance for a job. 

It is difficult to grow as a bus driver. After you have completed one training course, you often need to take another one in order to continue. However, it is possible to become another kind of driver. You can also become a truck or taxi driver. It is also possible to become a coordinator of the bus drivers. However, you will not get much further than this. 

How can you become a bus driver?

If you want to be a bus driver, you have to be at least 21 years old, have the proper driver's license and have as much experience on the road as possible. They are looking into moving the minimum age to 18. 

It is not always easy. Before you can become a driver, you have to undergo mandatory training. You will be psychologically tested for your social skills and your responsibility for your passengers. It may be that you have to meet a number of other requirements as a bus driver. However, this differs per company. 

Before you can graduate as a bus driver, you must first have a number of things. For example, you must be in possession of a D driving licence and Passenger Transport Administration. 

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