Buy organic food at the organic farm

Organic farm

More and more people choose organic food. This is because organic food is often as tasty as normal food and it is also produced in a sustainable and environmentally conscious way. There are several ways to buy organic food. The cheapest way is to buy organic food directly from the organic farmer. 

Why eat organic?

There are a number of advantages to buying organic food. A lot of attention is paid to the environment and sustainability. This is very important to make sure that the world will last a lot longer. 

Organic products are made with the things nature gives to people. This means that the biological cycle is maintained. Therefore no artificial fertiliser or chemical substances against vermin are used in the cultivation of crops. This keeps the groundwater and ditches clean and also gives the vulnerable animals and plants a chance to live well. This makes organic cultivation better for the environment.

When producing organic meat, a lot of attention is paid to the animals where the meat comes from. This means that the animals are allowed to live in a natural and animal friendly way. The animals can walk outside and are fed what they would eat in the wild. By means of rest, space and the possibility to be an animal, the organic industry makes sure that the animals have a better life. 

Many animals are prepared for slaughter at a young age. To be able to slaughter the animals as young as possible, hormone therapy is often used. This means that the animals are given extra hormones through food. This causes the animals to grow faster and therefore there is often more meat in an animal that has undergone hormone therapy. This is not at all good for the body of an animal. These are artificial hormones that are pumped into the body. 

The organic farmer uses food that is often grown on the land himself. This ensures that the animals get food they like and which is also healthy for them. This way they can grow at their own pace and are only slaughtered when they have had a good and considerably long life. 

The quality of organic food is also checked first. There are a number of checks before a farmer can call himself organic. The name organic is protected by law. To check this a number of independent organisations have been appointed by the government. When products meet these requirements, they are allowed to use the EKO quality mark. 

When you buy an organic product, you often spend a little extra money. This is because organic farmers are paid fairly for the products they sell. The price is also higher because less animals are kept on the same surface, the food for the animals is more expensive and because no artificial aids are used on the crops. 

Some people even claim that organic food tastes better than food that is not organic. This would be because non-organic food is often not full of artificial substances to make sure there is more of it. Also, the animals and plants get more time to grow. Because of this, the taste is often full and pure. 

There are more and more consumers who value the way food is produced. This is because a lot of value is attached to nature and the environment. This is why they like organic vegetables and meat to be pure nature. Because of this, nature is not burdened with it. 

An organic farm

When you come across an organic farm, you will often also come across an organic farm store. This is a farm store where they sell the products they grow themselves. Here you can often buy for a cheaper price the organic products that you would otherwise buy in the store. 

At the point when you like to cook according to the season, you can often do well at an organic store. This is because at an organic farm the crops are only taken from the land when they are ready. This ensures that only seasonal fruits and vegetables are grown. This gives you the best taste and you are assured of a delicious piece of fruit or vegetables. 

Also, home produced meat is often sold in an organic farm shop. These are often the pieces of meat from animals that they have slaughtered themselves. These animals are taken care of in a good way so they have a good life. This is very important for many people. 

In many places there is an organic farm nearby. There are many different organic farms. Most farms you can go to yourself and ask if they sell any products. That way you can get delicious fresh food and pay less for it than you would otherwise have to pay in the supermarket if you wanted to buy it there. 

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