Paper bags

Paper bags

Most people use paper bags because they are less harmful to the environment. In addition, these are also extra sturdy nowadays so they have as good a carrying capacity as the plastic variant. However, the paper variant uses much more of this raw material and in the long run it can cause a greater environmental impact. You will see that this material does not end up in the sea because you can get money for paper when you hand it in. So it is important that you separate them well and put them in the paper bin. In the environment it takes 6 -12 months for this to dissolve which is much shorter than for plastic. In addition, there is a lower CO2 emission during production. Most of these bags are harvested from a sustainable forest. This means that for every so many bags, a tree is planted again.

What are the advantages of using paper bags?

The paper bags are made with a sustainable label. You see, many manufacturers in the paper industry plant new trees when they have cut down trees. They do this from sustainability, but also so they can use those trees again in decades to come. This creates an ecological effect, which is why more and more people are becoming advocates of this. It also takes up to a year for it to biodegrade. That's quite a difference with the plastic bags. They are not even much more expensive to produce than plastic bags. This is because plastic bags can't be given away for free anymore and that results in more production of the paper ones. Many companies still want to offer their customers a free bag because it is part of their service. The maximum weight they can carry is in most cases between 10 and 14 kg.

Why would you choose this?

By choosing paper bags you prevent a large part of the plastic soup in the ocean. In addition, it is a durable material with a good thickness with which you can do your shopping just as well. It is a product that many shops provide for free. So there is no reason anymore to choose for the plastic bags. We can all contribute a little to a cleaner and safer environment for the future generation. Since most of these bags are recyclable due to their sturdy construction, they can contribute to a cleaner society. Many companies also put an advertising slogan on them that you then carry with you when you take it to another place. There are many different sizes so there is a suitable size for every product. You do not want to walk around with a too big or too small bag in most cases.

What are paper bags?

Paper bags are a way to carry your clothes, groceries or other materials. This way you can move them around without them falling out of your hands. They are also often recyclable so you can use them more often. You can take them with you the next time you go shopping so you don't need a new one. This ensures that less needs to be produced and that is much better for the CO2 emissions. Nowadays, companies often add a nice motif or a catchy message to the paper version. This ensures that they get brand recognition and you can have a free gift. Officially, this is no longer allowed with the plastic variant, which is why more and more entrepreneurs are switching to the paper variant. After all, you don't want to have to whine about a few cents if someone makes a purchase of hundreds of euros.

This is why companies choose paper bags

For most companies, the customer experience is at the top of the list which is why they are forced to opt for paper bags. They want to offer the customer something free in which they can move their belongings safely and covered. In most cases, people go through multiple stores. Then you just can't keep carrying all the items in your hand or you have to walk up and down to the car more often. However, people do not come back and in the long run this results in less turnover in the shops. They are available in large, medium and small versions. It's even possible to choose the colors of the sign or have the slogan of your store printed on it. In most cases this doesn't have to cost a lot extra while it still allows people to promote your brand for free. It's still a recognizable way of marketing that makes other people come to your store.

What do we think of the paper bags

Most people had to get used to the paper bags for a long time. This was because in the beginning they could not hold much in terms of weight. Fortunately, in recent years there have been many improvements so that more than half of the people are satisfied. Meanwhile, they are even equipped with ideal handles which the comfort is also better. The only downside is that they lose their strength in wet weather. This is actually the only downside that still exists today.

What can we expect in the future?

Research is still being done on how to make paper bags more sturdy. Depending on the size, we are now at the point where it can carry 14 kg. This is quite a weight which you can only achieve with regular shopping. In the city you automatically choose for multiple bags because this is something that has crept up on us. However, all over the world there is a lot of priority to reduce the impact we have on the environment. It is expected that there will be much work on the possibilities of this bag.

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