Amazon parrot as a pet

Amazon parrot

A parrot is a commonly chosen pet. The Amazon parrot is one of the best known of the parrots. This is because they are very smart and trainable birds. Because these birds are so smart, it may be helpful to get the necessary experience with birds first. This is because an Amazon parrot is best kept with another parrot and needs a lot of attention, time and food. 

Different species of amazon parrots

There are a number of different species of Amazon parrots. Amazon parrots are known for their green feathers. This is something that all species have in common. 

The difference between the species of parrots is mainly in the head. Known species of Amazon parrots are the yellow-headed Amazon, the blue-headed Amazon, the orange-winged Amazon and the yellow-cheeked Amazon. 

The base color of most species is green with blue, yellow or other colored markings on their foreheads. The eyes of the Amazon parrot are often orange. 

Some species of parrots are seriously endangered. For these birds you need a permit to keep them. Species like the yellow-necked macaw and the double yellow-headed macaw are seriously threatened. The vast majority of species can be kept by anyone. 

Residence for the birds

A parrot is a social animal. This means that the animals like to live together with several peers. If you want to keep the birds happy, this is important to do. 

It is possible to keep an Amazon parrot indoors and outdoors. If they are kept outdoors, it is often in an aviary. Both are well suited to the birds. 

The birds can become very noisy during sunrise and sunset. Therefore, there are often a number of measures taken to prevent noise. An amazon parrot has this effect very quickly. 

If you keep your parrots in an aviary outside, it is important to make sure that there is a draught-free indoor area where the birds can sit. It is important that the temperature remains above 10 degrees. 

Old, sick or bald birds have difficulty keeping themselves warm. This is why it is advisable to maintain an indoor temperature of at least 20 degrees. An additional heat source such as a heat lamp can ensure that the temperature in a particular place is even warmer. In this way, the bird can choose to sit a bit warmer. 

If you want to keep the Amazon parrot in a small group in the living room, you should choose two males or a male and a female. In a male and a female you must take into account that they will form a couple. This can manifest itself in aggression towards the caregiver. 

It is best to buy feeding and water containers for the birds which can be cleaned easily. This way the birds keep their food clean. There are containers with a special click system that you can click into a cage. 

The living room is often a dry place for the Amazon parrot. This is because the parrots come from the rainforest. Here is a humidity of about 90 percent. Therefore, it is important to regularly spray the birds wet or shower. The birds also need a bath. It is also possible to use a humidifier. 

Buying an Amazon parrot

Buying an amazon parrot can be fun to do. However, you can first look carefully where you buy it. The best way is to go to a specialized pet shop. They maintain contact with reliable breeders. If you want to step to a breeder, you can best choose a breeder who is affiliated with a union. 

The food for the birds is also important to take care of when you buy a parrot. For example, parrots often eat pellets. If you want to buy these organically, you quickly come to a price of two euros per day per bird. It is also useful to ensure that you have some snacks for reward during training at hand. 

The food for the amazon parrot is so expensive because they eat very varied. The birds do well on a combination of pellets, fruits, vegetables and a small amount of seeds and nuts. This food is often available at pet stores. 

It is important to make sure that all the food that is not eaten is taken out of the trays. This ensures that it does not go moldy or that there are bacteria on it. Amazon parrots eat twice a day. 

Every other week it is a good idea to give the birds stomach gravel. This is best done in a separate container. It is also important to provide the birds with fresh water every day. This also keeps it fresh. 

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