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It can sometimes happen that someone can no longer go back to work. It is then important that someone is properly helped to find a way back to the work environment. Sometimes an employment expert must be involved before this can happen. An employment expert will look at the suitability and possibilities for your next or continuing job. In this way you will eventually be able to return to work or be placed in another workplace.

What does the labour expert do exactly

An employment expert will investigate whether someone can still work. What exactly can he do? It is important to find out whether someone is unfit for work or whether someone is ill. When someone is temporarily ill, it is of course a very different story than when someone is unfit for work.

When someone is incapacitated for work, various things have to be taken into account and the percentage of incapacity for work also has to be considered. Sometimes you can still do a little work, but not much work and other times you can do a lot of work. Some people have a disorder and some people have something for life that they can never get rid of. Some disorders can't be cured and it is therefore important to take into account that someone can't work forever or can work only a little bit.

Often, they look at different options and how someone might be able to return to work later, or perhaps have to look for another job. Of course, this is not always fun, but when you become or are disabled, it is important that you find the right job for yourself.

Consequences of the investigation

The investigation is certainly not always a disadvantage for someone who is disabled. Sometimes it happens that people do not believe someone or that things are not going well with your boss. When this research is introduced, there will always be the right result. It can be that you have to pay extra, because you can not work enough. The research also looks at this and that way the research can make a total picture. This is very important for a lot of people, because not a lot of money is left over when, for example, you are not able to work half-time.

Other than that, the consequences are actually very small. They will help you find a decent job and sometimes you have to stop working altogether. You can be declared unfit for work or declared partially fit for work. Of course, this is only positive if you genuinely cannot work anymore and really suffer when you are at work. It is important to know that it is not bad when you are declared unfit for work. You can only benefit from it for yourself, because you might be able to get better or give your body some rest. 

When to do an employment test

It is important to initiate an investigation in a timely manner when necessary. This is required by law within 104 weeks. Sometimes it is more convenient to do this first. And often a new trajectory starts after a few weeks. When this trajectory starts, you enter the next phase or you enter another phase. It all depends on what kind of situation you are in.

Some companies do an employment investigation much too late and it is certainly important to do it on time. But if it is not done on time then there can be unpleasant consequences. Not only for the person in question, but also for the company itself. When the company itself suffers from this, the employee cannot do much about it, because the company is supposed to be in charge of the investigation. When the company does not do this in time, it is the employer's fault and the employee cannot be held liable for this. However, the employee is obliged to inform the company in time that something is wrong and how this can be solved. As an employee, it is important that you are open to others and that you stick to what the investigation eventually reveals. It is not the intention that you start behaving like a victim.

It may be that an employer still does not launch an investigation after all this time. As an employee, you can always take matters into your own hands, but this is not the normal procedure. The employer should take care of his employees. And it belongs in every sector not in certain sector grease and not in certain sector is less. This is determined by law. 

When don't you investigate?

You may think that an investigation is not necessary. In fact, there are only two reasons why investigations would not be necessary. One reason is if an employee enters the terminal phase of their life. In this way, the employee can never return to work. This is obvious and does not require an investigation. No matter how sad this is.

The other reason is what the company doctor says. If the company doctor says that no investigation is necessary, it is not necessary in this case. When a company has said that it is necessary, the investigation must of course take place. Furthermore, it is actually always important to get the facts on the table. That way, you know for sure what is going on and you also know what exactly can be done and how exactly you can solve it. Some cases you won't be able to solve, but at least then it will be clear that no solution is possible. This can also be a very big advantage for the employee and for the employer. 

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