Newspaper delivery

Newspaper delivery

There are a lot of different kinds of jobs you could possibly have. If you want to work, you can deliver leaflets, but you could also choose to deliver newspapers. Newspaper deliverers can have a lot of different benefits. This is for what you like and what kind of work you are used to before. It could be that this is your first job and that you have worked for other employers before. But delivering newspapers is something that can't be compared to any other kind of job really. It has a lot of advantages but also some disadvantages.

Advantages newspaper delivery

One of the advantages of being able to deliver newspapers yourself is being able to plan your time. You can decide when you want to deliver the newspaper. If you would like to deliver the newspaper in the morning, you can take the morning paper. If you like to deliver the newspaper in the evening, you can take the evening paper. Furthermore, if you want to deliver in the morning or in the evening. 

It doesn't really matter, because you can decide for yourself how long you walk. However, the newspaper must be in the bus before a certain time, but if you get out of bed a little earlier or a little later, it doesn't really matter. You can decide that all by yourself. That is a big advantage, because at other jobs you can't just do that.

With other jobs, the times are often set for you while you can decide everything yourself with newspaper running. How exactly you walk the route is up to you. You may decide how you will walk the route, which way you walk first and who you want to deliver first. It is not very difficult once you know how to walk the route. You do have to watch out that you hear a newspaper in the bus everywhere, but in the end it is all pretty easy. Once you know how to do it, you will walk much faster through the newspaper quarters than you did in the beginning. You just have to get to know the neighbourhood a bit first. Eventually you will get there.

Another big advantage of working as a newspaper delivery person is the fact that you are always outside. For a lot of people it is a great advantage to work outside and to be able to work alone. Not everybody likes to work with a lot of other people and they prefer to walk. The only thing you have to do is say hello once in a while. It is very easy to walk in the open air and if you are an outdoor person this is the ideal job for you.

Disadvantages newspaper delivery

As with every job there are also disadvantages to delivering newspapers. At the moment you are delivering newspapers and it is raining, you have to deliver the newspaper. People are waiting for a newspaper and it doesn't matter what the weather is like. You always have to go through it. This can be a big disadvantage because you always work outside. It can be an advantage and a disadvantage. If you don't mind getting rid of then it's no problem for you.

Another disadvantage is the fact that you sometimes have to deliver the newspaper in very warm temperatures. If you have the morning paper, it is not so bad. But if you have the evening paper, it can sometimes be very hot. So it's a good idea to put on plenty of sunscreen when you're delivering newspapers. But of course it's not that hot every day. 

It can be also a disadvantage that there are for example dogs which can catch the newspapers, but this does not happen every time and also not every day. It can occur, however, that a dog draws the newspaper from your hands, but here you cannot do yourself also so very much to and there is always natural a door between.

Furthermore, you have to weigh the advantages and disadvantages yourself. Not everyone likes to walk in newspapers, but some people are totally fan of it and like to do it every day. Therefore it is best to try it out with someone you know. Then you can see for yourself if it is something for you or not.

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